Grey Jordan Shoe For Basketball

The new Jordan Fly 23 is a shoe that will actually allow you to fly. No, of course it won’t allow you to fly but the name of the shoe conjures up some pretty “lofty” images doesn’t it? Like the image of Michael Jordan taking off from the free throw line and dunking during an NBA All-Star game dunk contest. Like the image of Michael dunking in Patrick Ewing’s face. Like the image of MJ switching the ball from one hand to the other in midair on his way to an epic layup against Magic and the Lakers. No, the new Fly 23 won’t allow you to fly or in most cases ever dunk with the flair that MJ did. What it will allow you to do is rock a pair of high performance Jordans. Jordans that depict Michael flying. That’s good enough for me. It has to be good enough, I have no vertical.

What would any high profile signauture sneaker be without a multitude of sick colorways? Boring. That’s what. But fear not, the new Melo M8 will definitely not be boring. Already, pictures of 5 different colorways of the shoe have been spotted. So far we have seen two Knick colorways, a home and away. Both shoes use patent leather, one has a white upper, the other a black upper. In addition, Cool Grey, Black, and White/Black/Red colorways are already slated for release in the next couple of months. The home and away Knicks colorways are sure to be a hit and release October 12. The Cool Grey colorway will drop sometime in November. Of course, these are just the initial colorways, there are sure to be more.

The implication being made here is that when New Nike Blazers 2014 you shop for such shoes through the internet you will be exposed to a number of advantages. For starters, you will get to look at the various brands of these irresistible sneakers. This way, you will get an overall idea of which shoes you want.

Watch out for the air max unit in the heel area of your tennis shoes. The air max unit provides great protection to your feet especially on hard court surface.

The air jordan Retro XIV is going to be seeing a lot of upcoming released dates. Including the same shoe that Michael Jordan wore that fateful night. The same shot that sneaker aficionados refer to as the Air Jordan “Last Shot”. Appropriately titled the “Last Shot”, the Jordan XIV is coming to a retailer near you this December.The same shoe that Michael wore in getting his sixth NBA finals ring. The same shoe that broke the ankles of Byron Russell. The same shoe that would be the last shoe that Jordan wore before he retired.

Tinker Hatfield, fresh off of designing the Jordan III, was tasked to design the Jordan IV. All he did was design another masterpiece. The newest design concept that Hatfield used on the IV was placing straps on the side of the shoe for increased ankle support. As a result, it was virtually impossible for Michael to sprain his ankle. The other design element that had never been seen before was the texturing of the midsole that gave the appearance of black speckled cement. Michael Jordan continued to dominate the NBA while wearing the Jordan IV. That year MJ won another scoring title averaging 32.5 points a game. He also made an appearance in the All-Star game and was named First Team NBA and All Defense.

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